Pressed Steel Roof(ing)

Warranty: 15 Years plus

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Gerard Roofs - Pressed Steel Roof(ing)

Gerard Roofs, the largest aluminium–zinc coated pressed steel roofing manufacturer in the world, has been producing tiles in New Zealand since 1957.

Clients are often surprised that a top of the line roof is so affordable, when compared to a long-run iron roof.  If you live in a coastal location, a Gerard Roof is likely to be less expensive, when weighing up the warranties offered and life cycle costs.

Gerards multi-layered coatings, UV protection technology and special light-fast pigments provide superior resistance against environmental fading and discolouration so your home looks good for longer.

Light weight and strong, these roofs are well tested in hurricane conditions or earthquakes.  The only maintenance that a Gerard Roof requires is a clean with an appropriate roof wash every 2-3 years to help prevent the growth of algae, moss and lichen.

Gerard Roofs are only installed by Gerard Certified Roofers, experienced professional contractors, trained to install to the highest standard.

Pressed Steel Roof(ing)