Viking Roof spec – Enviroclad TPO Membrane

Warranty: 15 years plus

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Viking Roof spec – Enviroclad TPO Membrane

Enviroclad is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) water proofing membrane, offering watertight integrity for low slope roofs, internal gutters or decks.

Enviroclad is a proven performer, it has been tried and tested both internationally, and locally, having been installed on over 5,500 buildings and homes across New Zealand.

Viking Enviroclad has Codemark Certification, providing the simplest pathway to compliance Enviroclad accessories, which range from weldable internal and external corners to pourable pockets, will create a watertight finish, forming a vital part of the Enviroclad system.

To ensure a professional and watertight finish, Enviroclad can only be installed by approved installers, like Millwards Roofing. 

Enviroclad is available in a Grey finish, or more recently four earthy tones.

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